What We Do

Restore Education After Disasters (READ) is a non-governmental disaster relief organization whose purpose is to assist in restoring educational functions after a natural disaster. Through developed partnerships, READ will respond to an area effected by a natural disaster within 24-96 hours to begin assisting local schools and/or districts in recovering from the disaster. The primary focus is on helping students return to a sense of normalcy. By setting up temporary shelters to act as classrooms, teachers will be able to provide curriculum based upon the disaster to educate the students about what has happened and why it happened. Teachers will then be able to return to teaching standard curriculum. Having students return to school as soon as possible after a disaster gives them a chance to meet back with friends, keep their education on track, and allows adults to tend to their needs at hand for recovery such as; meeting with an insurance company, government paperwork, or cleaning up the damage. Along with helping students return to normalcy, READ will work with school administrators to develop plans for the school recovery. The founders of READ have personal experience in school recovery based upon actions taken during the Thomas Fire in Ojai, CA during December 2017.