READ is grateful for the partnerships formed. Our goal is to form beneficial partnerships to help our mission and that of our partners. If you know an organization who would be a good partner opportunity, please let us know.

Give the Dream Foundation

We all dream of a better world. We are helping donors to get involved in global charitable projects in order to make these dream reality. Poverty leads to a world of problems that ends up affecting the entire planet. In many places in the world poverty has led to hunger, disease, environmental degradation, and a low quality of life.

"With Give The Dream, we support projects around the world. Our goal is to take the donations and directly fund and manage projects for humanitarian work, education, conservation of wildlife, and protection of the environment" - Founder Justin Spees

Refugee Empowerment Project

In starting The Refugee Empowerment Project, founders Sienna Nazarian and Lily Sind want to ensure refugees equal access to opportunities and resources. They have made it their mission to bring a sense of hope to refugee communities across the world, bring together their own communities in the fight for opportunities and justice, and make a real change in the way refugees are perceived and treated.