Comments of Gratitude from those we have assisted:

February 2023

"We are very appreciative and grateful for the support you and your organization are providing the students and parents at a time when it is very much needed." G.G. - Texas

January 2023

"Thank you for your support in these hard times. Yes, the students were so happy to be back in school. It was a little different for all of them. It was so great to meet you and the great group of boys that came along with you. Thank you for all you do to help." O.G. - California
"Thank you so much! We really appreciate the support." B.S.- California

November 2022

"Your organizing of this donation has benefited our schools greatly. We are so excited to have these and pass them out. Thank you, READ, for your invaluable donation."   L.R. - Florida

October 2022

"Thank you so much for the generous shipment of supplies".     J.A. - Florida

"Your nonprofit organization sounds amazing. Thank you so much for reaching out and thinking of our students/teachers during this time. We would gladly accept any and all backpack/school supplies donations that you could provide for our students. Thank you again for your help and consideration."
L.R. - Florida


"Thanks for what you do!" N.T.       

"Keep up the great work." J.F.

"What a wonderful program and how great of you to initiate this! Reading, literacy and education in general are pet projects of mine." M.A.

August 2022

"Amazing, great work! We are so appreciative of your support"
"Wow, absolutely so amazing."

C.K - Kentucky

May 2022

"Absolutely grateful and blessed to have you partner with my district and assist our scholars and families. I appreciate you all so much.

YOU are the BEST, ever. Our students received the wonderful backpacks with all the goodies. Thank you so much for thinking of us.
Thank you for always supporting SC." M.G. - South Carolina

January 2022

"Thank you so much for your donation of backpacks with school supplies when devastation hit our community. You were able to help out multiple families and for that we are grateful."  H.C.S - Kentucky

January 2022

"We cannot thank you enough for the donation of backpacks!  It was truly a heartfelt gesture.  It will not be forgotten especially during our time of need. Bless you and everyone who assisted."  P.C. - Kentucky

December 2021

"Two gentlemen from READ - Restore Education After Disasters drove to the area from California to deliver school supply bags to share with students at DES, DMS, & DHS who were affected by the tornado. Thank you for your generosity and concern for our students!"   D.E.S. - Tennessee

April 2021

"Thank you for blessing our sweet students with backpacks following the recent tornado in our area. It is emotional to see the damage in our area, and we know that several of our families have a long road ahead as they begin to rebuild and move forward. Knowing that your organization wanted to help with their immediate needs was reassuring, and I truly appreciate your kindness."      J.C. - Alabama